Workshop 3


Real-time Visuals Workshop 3
Oct. 11, 2013
Tyneside Cinema
Pilgrim Street , Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QG

Theme: Visual Effects Remixed

Organizers: Dr Dominic Smith (Curator of Digital Media Arts), Andrea Macdonald (Pixel Palace Production Coordinator)

Traditionally the moving image has been primarily experienced as a “playback” medium within the context of both the cinema and the gallery space. This is a situation in which material is fixed in time and is played from beginning to end. Recently a number of artists and filmmakers have moved away from structural narrative and into the realm of ‘live cinema’, remixing their films for audiences as a performative experience.  The third in our yearlong series of workshops focuses upon this changing landscape. The daytime workshop programme will offer a number of innovative approaches to the idea of live performance and visual remix, investigating collective narrative, the projected image and interactivity. We will be examining new tools such as game engines, live streaming technologies and software toolkits whilst discussing their historical precedents and current place in the arts. This will be followed by an evening of live audio visual performance with participatory elements.

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Digital Lounge, Tyneside Cinema
10am – 4pm

Tickets available via Eventbrite


10.20am Welcome
Dominic Smith, Curator of Digital Media Arts, Tyneside Cinema

10.30am ‘May Your Body Be Comfortable And Still’
Lucy Pawlak

Questions surrounding how we act together lie at the core of Lucy Pawlak’s practice. She aims to design structures for the reflexive navigation of how and why we conform to systems, and what the possibilities of breaking with those patterns might offer. One day she hopes to give up writing about herself in the third person.

And soon I will be gone, she will be gone, he will be gone and the others too, and I don’t imagine there was ever an era before now when people were “gone” or “going” with such a frequency as they are now.

Performances and screenings include, Art Metropole, Toronto, Karma International, Zurich, The Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Kettles Yard, Cambridge, The Showroom, Hollybush Gardens, ICA and NFT, London.  •


11.00am ‘Videogame X Lifelogging’
Alan Kwan

Alan Kwan (b.1990) is a media artist and filmmaker from Hong Kong.

His work focuses on the creation and design of new technologies and interactive experiences for future storytelling. His latest work Bad Trip, which combines lifelogging with videogaming, is an immersive installation that enables visitors to stroll around right in his thoughts and memories. His work has been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival (Austria), ZKM Center for Art and Media (Germany), 404 Festival (Argentina), Vector Game Art Festival (Canada), Games of Art Exhibition (Australia), and also featured in various media including Discovery Channel, WIRED, Popular Science, and Boston Globe.


11.30am Q&A

12.15pm Lunch


1.15pm ‘Visual sequences and game mechanics’
Simon Katan

Simon Katan is a digital artist with a background in music and a strong preoccupation with games and play. His work incorporates hidden mechanisms, emergent behaviour, paradox, self-reference, inconsistency, abstract humour, absurdity and wonder. Katan make software which creates musical odysseys through exploring animated worlds and design games in which the players unwittingly become performers of bizarre and occasionally daft rites. He especially enjoys connecting these two worlds using technology.

Simon Katan recently won a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention for  his work ‘Cube With Magic Ribbons’, completed a PhD on the topic of audio-visual co-dependency in music at Brunel University, and produced a self-performed multi-media opera at Borealis Festival Bergen with his performance trio Brainer.


1.45pm ‘Second Screening: Determining audience engagement during audio-visual performances’
Leon McCarthy

Léon McCarthy (aka 3pin) is a practicing audiovisual artist, PhD researcher at Northumbria University and lecturer at the University of Limerick. His academic background spans classical music, architecture and music technology. His first foray into digital performance was as a VJ in 2003. He has since produced and performed as a musician, featuring as one half of the once renowned Irish electro outfit, Les Bien. He co-founded the Irish video production company MercuryBoy, creating virals, promos, product-launches and festival visuals. His current audio-visual performances aim to instill a greater awareness of sustainability in his audience. He hopes to engage audiences intellectually and force them to interrogate their live experience. Toward this end, he has developed a system that facilitates real-time audience postings via Twitter, toward engaging audiences in a new way with his new form of live musico-cinema.

IMPORTANT! Please bring along a laptop or tablet device and make sure it is set up to use Twitter so that you can interact with this performance. 


2.15pm Q&A

2.45pm Coffee break


3.00pm Guest speaker: Guy Sherwin

Guy Sherwin was born in 1948. He studied at Chelsea School of Art. He helped establish fine art film at the North East London Polytechnic in the 1970s, before becoming workshop organiser at the London Filmmakers’ Co-op. He still hand-develops and prints much of his own 16mm film work. Sherwin’s films have been included in a number of important exhibitions, at Hayward Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Tate Modern and Tate Britain and he has presented solo shows and performances of live cinema internationally. His work is in the collection of Tate UK, British Council, Cinematheque Francaise, Eye Institute Netherlands and is distributed by LUX London.


3.30pm Q&A

4.00pm END



The Roxy, Tyneside Cinema
6pm – 8pm
Tickets available via Eventbrite

In association with our Real Time Visuals Symposium, we will be hosting a unique event of live performances for cinema featuring Leon McCarthy, Lucy Pawlak and Guy Sherwin.

6.00pm Leon McCarthy betAV07
Please bring along a smartphone or tablet device and make sure it is set up to use Twitter so that you can interact with this performance.

6.35pm Short interval

6.45pm Lucy Pawluk Arriving without leaving (guaranteed happy ending) 

7.00pm Short interval

7.10pm Guy Sherwin Musical Stars; Bay Bridge from Embarcadero; Cycles#3

8.00pm Event Ends