AHRC Real-time Visuals Workshop 3
Oct. 11, 2013
Tyneside Cinema

Theme: Visual Effects Remixed

Organizers: Dr Dominic Smith (Curator of Digital Media Arts), Andrea McDonald (Pixel Palace Production Coordinator)

Traditionally the moving image has been primarily experienced as a “playback” medium within the context of both the cinema and the gallery space. This is a situation in which material is fixed in time and is played from beginning to end. Recently a number of artists and filmmakers have moved away from structural narrative and into the realm of ‘live cinema’, remixing their films for audiences as a performative experience.  The third in our yearlong series of workshops focuses upon this changing landscape. The daytime workshop programme will offer a number of innovative approaches to the idea of live performance and visual remix, investigating collective narrative, the projected image and interactivity. We will be examining new tools such as game engines, live streaming technologies and software toolkits whilst discussing their historical precedents and current place in the arts. This will be followed by an evening of live audio visual performance with participatory elements.

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AHRC Real-time Visuals Workshop 2
Jun. 18, 2013
Goldsmiths College

Theme: Process-based Sound/Image Linkages

Organizers: Adriana Sa, Adam Parkinson, Alessandro Altavilla, Atau Tanaka

The second in our year long series of workshops focuses on process-based approaches to sound/image relationships. It will broaden the scope of debate, embracing a diversity of approaches to the audio-visual. The workshop programme includes presentations discussing the motivations, the challenges and the inspirations that inform the design of custom audio-visual instruments and systems. Artists may explore metaphoric correspondences between sound and image, structural, and non-metaphoric audio-visual relationships. They may emphasise or minimise the morphing of a physical input through data abstraction. An evening event in the Goldsmiths Cinema will present live performances of process-based sound/image works. These events will be of interest to artists, performers, musicians, researchers and students working with audio-visual media.

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AHRC Real-time Visuals Workshop 1
Feb. 26, 2013
Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne

Theme: Data Abstraction to Cinematic Mashup – Visual Languages in Game-Based Live AV performance

Organizers: Tom Holley, Steve Gibson

This workshop will explore the influence of gaming on live audio-visual performance. The link between gaming and sound is not immediately obvious, but there is clearly a strong connection based on the number of game programmers who also perform as live audio-visual artists. Game programmers such as Tom Betts (UK) have alternate careers as game-boy performers. This workshop will focus on how gamers translate their work in game programming into a live performing context. The workshop will be of interest to game designers, computer scientists, VJs and electronic musicians.

Important notes for attendees: It is recommended that attendees bring their laptops along. For workshop 2, a 30-day trial of Unity may be downloaded here For workshop 3 please bring along your Kinect if you have one.

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