Conference: Saturday performances

Sat. Jan. 25 – Shows At Culture Lab – Space 4/5

19.00       Doors open
19.30       Freaky DNA Live
SaturdayEvening1Freaky DNA (Leonard J. Paul) has spanned electronic musical genres from ambient to chiptune to drum & bass since the early 90′s. This performance will distil these genres of his catalogue together into a musical “happening” accompanied by his own reactive real-time visuals. Previous live shows of his unique dancefloor beats and dystopic/euphoric soundscapes have included Osaka, O’Porto, Brooklyn, Banff, Zürich, Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, Norwich, Berlin, San Francisco, Amsterdam and other locations around the globe. He is best known for being the composer for the award-winning Canadian documentary film The Corporation and has continued to push himself as an artist in recent years with publishing a limited-edition 12” colour vinyl release for the hit indie game Retro City Rampage. Techniques ranging from custom-coded generative music and procedural graphics systems to chiptune tracker songs with glitched NES charset ROM visuals promise to be an original experience best experienced live:

20.30       Light Surgeons: ‘LDN-REDUX’
This multichannel audio visual performance explores the landscape and architecture of London through a combination of live video remix and live electronic musical score. The piece paints an anthropomorphic portrait of London which encourages its audience to contemplate the city as a living organism. In parallel with this kaleidoscopic view of the every day life, the performance seeks to explore the city as a complex structure through its relationship with a more hidden landscape of digital information. The resulting audio visual journey transports its audience through this sprawling metropolis to reveal its human activities as an abstract dance over a 24-hour cycle.

Audio Visual Artists: Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie & Jude Greenaway
Visual Production: Christopher Allen, Tim Cowie, Jude Greenaway, Dean Moore, James Price, Rita Ribas, Stuart York, Jai Rafferty and Thom Buttery
Project Producers: Christopher Thomas Allen and Alice Ceresole

The Light Surgeons are a boutique production company that specialises in creative content for live performance, video production and installation based projects. The company was founded in 1995 by artist and filmmaker Christopher Thomas Allen along with a group of other like minded media artists and film makers from London. Since then they have become an established creative studio on the world stage developing new forms of cross-disciplinary practice through the fusion of film production, animation, motion design and the application of creative code and cutting edge tools. Working in collaboration with a broad network of award winning documentary filmmakers, animators, designers and software developers they have produced a multitude of ground breaking projects, exhibiting and touring our projects internationally.

21.15       SCANONE (aka Jude Greenaway) DJ/VJ set


Scanone aka Jude Greenaway, London based Audio Visual artist, Director, Composer, DJ and label boss of Yellow Machines. A musical production style of a hybrid of genres from old school UK hardcore to Electro, Bass, Dub and IDM, with Releases on INK recs, M.I.B, Blase, Combat Recs, Digital Distortions, Dirty Needles, Outside Recs and Yellow Machines. Well Known for his eclectic Vinyl DJ set’s or full on Live Audio Visual cinematic performances.

Scanone has collaborated with visual collectives such as ‘The Light Surgeons’ and ‘United Visual Artists’ performing  at various media festivals around the globe.  As well as running his own audio visual studio as ‘Jude Greenaway’ he runs an artist partnership with his brother as Greenaway & Greenaway producing audio visual works such as music promos and AV Installations. Scanone has also just released with Light Rhythm Visuals his first DVD compilation ‘ARCHIVE’ which comprises of 13  Audio Visual cinematic works in collaboration with a selection of talented directors and art collectives. For this performance Scanone will be showcasing some fresh new material from the ARCHIVE DVD compilation and Some new unheard cinematic audio visual works.

22.00       LEONARDO Real-time Visuals launch

Live_Visual-2Join LEA editor in chief Lanfranco Aceti, and Volume Editors Steve Gibson, Stefan Müller Arisona and Ozden Sahin as they launch this exciting new volume on Live Visuals. Collecting papers from a wide range of filmmakers, media artists, musicians, choreographers, designers and computer scientists, this is the first serious academic look at the phenomenon of real-time visuals.

Copies will be available for perusal and purchase.


22.30       DJ Nord/robot_mixeur
RTV_DJNordDJ Nord (aka Steve Gibson) is a Canadian DJ/VJ. His DJ sets are eclectic, merging many different styles of electronic music including hard techno, electro, progressive house and experimental electronica. He has performed at several leading international venues including Shelter Club Shanghai, Zouk Club Singapore, Swissnex San Francisco and the Reading Rooms Dundee. He currently focuses on Nordic and northern techno and electro and hosts a radio show on the first Tuesday of the month at 5 pm GMT on Culture Lab Radio Newcastle.

RTV_NordReb robot_mixeur (aka Stefan Müller Arisona) is a Swiss media artist and computer scientist, based in Singapore. As a DJ and VJ, he mixes elements from minimal techno, tech house and techno into driving soundscapes and pushing beats, augmented with live visuals generated by self-written software. Numerous performances around the globe include Shanghai’s legendary Shelter, Zurich’s EWZ,Victoria’s Open Space, or Chicago’s Conway Centre, and currently he performs regularly as resident VJ at Zouk Singapore’s Velvet Underground.