Conference: Friday performances

Fri. Jan. 24 – Shows At Culture Lab – Space 4/5

19.00       Doors open

19.30       Tony Hill 


Performance film, 2 mins, first performed 1973, (originally) Super8mm
A live screen film

Performance piece, 8 mins, first performed 1973
A small bright light is the projector, several objects are the film and the whole room is the screen. A spatial exploration of the objects with the light projects them as big as the room encompassing the audience.

Talk and Screenings


Super 8mm, 8 mins, mute, 1972

Originally designed to be projected back up onto a screen on the glass floor on which it was made, this film uses people to explore the space beneath the floor.

16mm, 30mins, 1975

This unique film is projected via a large, overhead mirror onto a screen which forms the floor of a small room. The audience can watch the film either by standing on the screen or by viewing through the mirror. Seen through the mirror the audience members in the room become part of the film. Those standing on the screen experience situations such as walking on water, the screen catching fire and other unusual events.

First performed 1997

A live projected performance for camera crane and audience. The crane is set up at the front of the cinema with a camera connected back to the projector with a live feed. Viewers are both audience and subject as they watch themselves flying and rolling on the screen.

3 projector video installation, 2010

All the images are of people entering or leaving a dark space through a door from a light space or from outside. When all doors are shut the installation space is dark. The images are initially projected life size and work as a light source, when a door is seen to open light floods in. Sometimes the space is populated by the sound of the voices of people who have entered. The real door into the space is in the same wall as the projected doors and people entering the space become part of the piece for those already watching. It works very well in a gallery where the tentative or boisterous characteristics and curiosity of those entering merges with the video action. Once in the space and understanding what is happening, viewers change from being the performers of their own entrance to watching the entrance of others in the context of the piece.

Tony Hill studied Architecture and Sculpture and makes experimental short films that are somewhere between sculpture and cinema. He has been working as an independent film-maker since 1973, usually taking on all aspects of production and often developing and building his own equipment. He also works with installations, photography, sculpture and sound. He has presented his work at many Art Galleries and in Film Festivals worldwide. His films have been broadcast on network television in many countries and have won several awards. They have been published in the UK and Japan. His commercial work includes directing music videos and TV commercials. He taught film and video from 1982 until 2002 at the University of Derby becoming Professor of Film and taught at Plymouth College of Art from 2004 until 2011.

20.45       Studio for Electronic Theatre – Immersive Cybernetic Total Theatre: ‘Oedipus – The Code Breaker’


The year is 2029. Civil war rages throughout Europe. One man choses not to take sides. From his computer laboratory based in a refugee camp he decides to change the inevitable course of his destiny. He escapes into a computer programme called ETERNITY. He manages to break the code. The code was – MAN. But alas, instead of entering ETERNITY, he entered a virus programme called SPHINX. Not knowing he is not in ETERNITY, he is hailed as a king. His rule is about to begin. Let’s dance!

‘Oedipus – The Code Breaker’ is exploring the disjuncture between the virtual, a technically sophisticated cybernetic hyper-reality and the actual, a crude and brutal everyday reality and the restless and fearful human-being caught in a web of dilemmas and discrepancies which overshadow the dawn of the 21st century.

The project is made in collaboration with international partners Cactusbloem, Antwerp (Belgium), PVC Theatre, Novi Sad (Serbia), the United Nation Refugee Agency UNHCR and Aurasma (Augmented Reality Platform).

Video link:

22.00       Jamie Allen And Will Scrimshaw: ‘Circuit Music


Jamie and Will will play a 20-30 minute set, consisting of a “drums, electronics and lights duet with noise, static, bangs and crashes”.