Synaesthesiatron by Scott Amos, developed with Justin Love/Limbic Media

The Real-Time Visuals (RTV) research network is focussed on the ways in which the visual medium is undergoing a radical shift into a live, real-time and performance-based medium. This medium takes its cues from music, computer science, theatre and natural ancestors in film and video including such forms as montage.

Key advancements in real-time graphics and video processing over the past five years have resulted in broad implications for a number of academic, research and commercial communities. They enabled interaction designers, live visualists (VJs), game programmers, and information architects to utilize the power of advanced digital technologies to model, render and effect visual information in real-time. The RTV network will bring these distinct communities together in a series of workshops. The prime method of research dissemination will involve “open-source” exchange of ideas, techniques and technologies between these different groups. The participants will be from a broad range of disciplines, but all groups will benefit from the work presented.